hearts and crosses

Bringing the world to your home.

Tractor Home is a wholesaling business selling a wide range of gifts and home wares from Africa and its surrounds.

Most products are produced by the local crafters who artistically turn old rubbish into amazing objects for the rest of the world to enjoy.

By marketing these products Tractor Home is creating employment for disadvantaged communities where there is a high level of poverty and unemployment. These communities have no backup from social services and rely on our selling their goods so that they can survive.

All artisans and craft people are paid fairly, at a rate that they agree on.

All products are hand crafted and therefore each piece is unique.

Tractor Home is attempting to empower the lives of these people who creatively produce these products.

We salute the people of Africa who have a rich tapestry of crafts, working with a diverse range of materials that to us are usually rubbish.